Sunday School

During our 11am Sunday service, we run a Sunday School for children up to 10 years old. Do come and join us as we learn about Jesus from the Bible. We take seriously teaching the Bible to all ages at an appropriate level and with lots of fun and interaction!

The children stay in the service for the first ten minutes and are then taken over to their groups in Cineworld (level 4) or on the Barge. Parents can stay with them if they like, until they are settled, but are welcome then to rejoin the service.

Children aged 0-2 are looked after in the Crèche, where there are age-appropriate toys provided. The older children can listen to a true story from the Bible, sing some Christian songs, say a prayer and do a simple craft to help them learn about Jesus.


Children aged 3-10 are split into 3 classes based on their age and school year:

Ages 3, 4 and Reception – Tug boats (in Cineworld, Level 4 room)
Years 1-3 – Fishing boats (on the Barge)
Years 4-6 – Life boats (on the Barge)

The children are taught the Bible passage for the week, and often learn a memory verse from the Bible. The teaching methods look different for the different age-groups: generally conversation, singing and crafts for the younger children; Bible study, discussion and games for the older children. In all groups we encourage the children to learn to pray to our Heavenly Father. We hope the children have a lot of fun while learning as well!

Here at the Barge, we take Safeguarding of children seriously. We have two Safeguarding Officers, Yulian Margaretha and Fiona Robb, and a Children’s Champion, Lidia Jung. They can be contacted at or just catch one of them after the service.

To ensure we offer the best possible care for the children, we have adopted the Safeguarding in the Diocese of London Policy Document.

To find out more about Safeguarding at the Barge, click here.