Jirka Král & Keira Králová

Jirka and Keira Kralovi moved to Olomouc in the Czech Republic in 2008.

Olomouc is a large university town in Moravia, in the east of the country. Around 123,000 people live there, and this includes 20,000 or more students.

Jirka and Keira are committed to discipling, training and equipping university students in Olomouc and further afield to become future leaders in the Czech church. This takes place through preaching, mid-week study groups, days out, weekends away, and hospitality at home.

Jirka preaches, teaches and has responsibility (through IFES) for the general oversight of students in other university CU groups in Moravia as well as for Olomouc CU.

He also teaches in the Czech Bible Institute in Kroměříž which aims to train up leaders for the future Czech church. Some of the students Jirka disciples have expressed an interest in attending the Institute.

During the summer months Jirka and Keira are involved in university student/church evangelistic camps in Czech Republic.

Keira carries out a support role. This includes providing hospitality at home, praying for Jirka and providing food for the groups he runs. As she is English she is the one who keeps in contact with the churches and individuals they partner with. She is also heavily involved in helping with organising the weekends away which they run twice a year.

As well as the above, Jirka and Keira are very committed to supporting their local church in Czech. Jirka preaches or leads the services when needed, whilst Keira regularly helps out with music during the service and with refreshments afterward

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