Sermons on Jeremiah

I’m glad you asked: Will God send people to hell for not believing in a Jesus they’ve never heard of?

Jeremiah 25:3-16 In 2011 Pastor Rob Bell released a New York Times best-seller called “Love Wins”. In his book he calls into question the traditional Christian teaching about the existence of hell, and one of the objections he brings is that it’s unjust for people “to suffer in eternal agony because they didn’t believe in the Jesus they never heard of.” Listen in as we consider this highly emotive and crucial topic.

One Thing in Common:‭ ‬Tom Simpson

Jeremiah‭ ‬9:17-26 Tom served as an officer with the Royal Marines Commandos,‭ ‬seeing tours in Northern Ireland,‭ ‬Iraq,‭ ‬and Afghanistan.‭ ‬He is now Associate Professor of Philosophy and Public Policy at the University of Oxford.‭ ‬Tom’s experiences have caused him to face some tough questions about life and faith:‭ ‬he will be interviewed and then…