Sermons on John

Status Anxiety

Status Anxiety One of the biggest motivators in all of human existence is our innate desire for approval, acceptance and respect. However, in the workplace, simply living for status and power can just produce anxiety and insecurity. Given the competitive world we live in, is it really possible to find lasting joy and life if we refuse to play the status game?

I am (1) -I am the bread of life

John 6:35 One of our most basic feelings as humans is hunger. From the moment we are born we feel hunger and cry out for food. But there is also a spiritual hunger of which we become aware as we get older. An inner emptiness. What is the solution? Jesus says that he is the bread of life.

Easter Unwrapped

Easter Unwrapped Servant Leadership is a concept that does the rounds in secular management books. But what does it mean and what does it look like in practice? Listen in as we see Jesus wash his disciples’ feet, and how that defines servant leadership and unwraps the whole meaning of Easter.