Sermons on John

Christmas Carol Service

John 1:1-18Whoever looked at Christmas lunch and said, “I know what this meal needs – a bad joke, a paper hat, and some nail clippers!” But the contents of the traditional Christmas cracker actually take us to the very heart of the Christmas message.

中秋节聚会 – 如何获得永生

中秋节神话故事‘嫦娥奔月’是众所周知的。嫦娥因为吃了长生不老药酒获得了永生。基督教信仰的‘福音’也提到了永生。但是基督教福音完全不像嫦娥奔月。 福音的基础是目击者的见证。所以福音是可靠的,是值得我们相信的。