Sermons on Luke

Certain in uncertain times: Overturning expectations (Lunchtime)

Luke 1:39-56 It’s fair to say we’re often better at spotting pride in others than we are in ourselves. What does God say about pride and it’s opposite humility? What does that mean for a culture increasingly less interested in treating humility as a virtue? Listen in to Mary’s song as we meet the very humble and the very proud and see how God responds to both.


Luke 18:9-14 我们社会崇尚高富帅。与亲友聊天时,不免会谈到从哪间学校毕业? 在哪工作? 交往对象? 赚多少钱?。。。我们好像多少都要挤出一点小成就才能得到认可。如果要有成就才能得到人的认可,不知我们有没有想过要有多少成就才能得到神的认可?