Sermons on Matthew

Christmas Day service

Matthew 2:1-12In the UK we are more obsessed with Christmas than any other country, according to Google research. But we are less obsessed with the Christ of Christmas. That is very odd. If we get what Christmas is about, the Christ will be our magnificent obsession.

Christmas Day 2014

Matthew 1:18-25 Nowadays baby names more often than not are chosen according to who the latest celebrity is,‭ ‬or what sounds nice,‭ ‬or which names are currently topping the name charts.‭ ‬But in biblical times the meaning of names was significant.‭ ‬The names given the baby in the manger reveal his unique identity.‭

Is being good good enough for God‭?

Matthew‭ ‬21:33-46 As we look around the world it seems obvious that Christians do not have a monopoly on doing good.‭ ‬In many cases Christians are put to shame by the superior kindness and integrity of those who don‭’‬t share their faith.‭ ‬Is it not then arrogant to suggest that people have to be Christian […]