One Thing In Common (Page 3)

Remembrance 2015 – Brigadier Matt Maer DSO MBE

Luke 2:14 At the birth of Jesus, angels appeared to shepherds and declared, “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace”. 2000 years and two World Wars later, you can’t help but think, “Those angels sure got that one wrong. Peace on earth? Who were they kidding?” In what sense is the Christian message “good news of peace through Jesus Christ”?

One Thing in Common:‭ ‬Simon Pilcher‭ & ‬Is belief in Jesus delusional‭?

John‭ ‬20:24-31‭ Simon Pilcher,‭ ‬CEO of M&G Fixed Income manages a pot of‭ ‬£155‭ ‬billion and a staff of‭ ‬280‭ ‬who are current holders of the‭ ‬‘Fixed Income Manager of the Year‭’‬.‭ ‬He is interviewed about his life,‭ ‬work and faith in Jesus,‭ ‬and then speaks on‭ ‬‘Is belief in Jesus delusional‭?‬’

One thing in common – Sir Jeremy Cooke

The Honourable Mr Justice Cooke is a former Harlequins rugby player and now a High Court Judge. He has judged many high-profile cases, including the Pakistani match-fixing trial in which he condemned their behaviour as “not cricket”. He is vice-chairman of the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship. Here he is interviewed, and then speaks on: “Does faith fly in the face of the evidence?”

One thing in common: Comedy Writer

James Cary is an award-winning comedy writer for BBC, having co-written two series of Bluestone 42 (BBC3), and worked on Miranda (BBC1) and My Family (BBC1) and numerous Radio 4 shows starring Milton Jones, David Mitchell and Marcus Brigstocke. Here he is interviewed, and then speaks on: “The Gospel According to Sitcoms, what comedy tells…