Sermons by Aneirin Glyn

Question of Life: 7 of 7: If Christianity is true, why don’t more believe?

John 10:22-30 Christianity has been around for millennia. In this country, there are churches everywhere, the basics are taught in schools, and Christmas has a high profile. Yet, despite all this, committed Christians seem few and far between, including in our workplaces. Surely, if Christianity is true, more would believe? To address this question, we’ll consider what Jesus has to say in John 10.

Questions for God 2 of 2: Why don’t you make yourself clearer‭?

Mark‭ ‬3:1-6 Richard Dawkins was once asked,‭ “‬If you died and arrived at the gates of Heaven,‭ ‬what would you say to God to justify your lifelong atheism‭?” ‬To which he responded,‭ “‬I’d quote Bertrand Russell:‭ ‘‬Not enough evidence,‭ ‬God,‭ ‬not enough evidence.‭’”‬ If God is there,‭ ‬why doesn’t he make himself clearer‭?