Sermons by Rico Tice

Questions of Life: Why bother with religion?

Rico Tice brings us a very personal talk prompted by family incidents of his past. Rico’s godfather was killed in a cliff fall on 6th August 1982 which led Rico to seek answers to the issues of death and meaning, that had torpedoed him in the aftermath of the death of a loved one. Rico will look at Ecclesiastes 2 verses 1 to 11 where King Solomon faces similar issues.

Questions of Life – Why Should I tell others?

Romans 1:14-25 Listen in as Rico Tice answers the question – ‘Why should I tell others?’ This talk launched with Christians the ‘Questions of Life’ week (14-18th March) – a week of talks following on from Festival of Thought 2015. In it Rico speaks passionately on this subject and urges us to remember and marvel at the truth of the gospel.