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One Thing in Common:‭ ‬Tom Simpson

Jeremiah‭ ‬9:17-26 Tom served as an officer with the Royal Marines Commandos,‭ ‬seeing tours in Northern Ireland,‭ ‬Iraq,‭ ‬and Afghanistan.‭ ‬He is now Associate Professor of Philosophy and Public Policy at the University of Oxford.‭ ‬Tom’s experiences have caused him to face some tough questions about life and faith:‭ ‬he will be interviewed and then […]

Which‭? ‬2‭ ‬of‭ ‬3:‭ ‬Which master are you serving‭?

‭Romans‭ ‬6v20-23 The late Christopher Hitchens said he didn‭’‬t want there to be a God,‭ ‬because he didn‭’‬t want to be‭ “‬under the permanent control and supervision of an unalterable celestial dictator‭”‬.‭ ‬Like him many people resent any idea of being under God‭’‬s authority.‭ ‬But is the alternative really the freedom people think it is‭?”