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Prepare to Share: Why would Christians share their faith?

Why would Christians share their faith? A week after the vote, we know sometime soon a 2 year countdown to Brexit will begin. Simply knowing the countdown is coming sends us scurrying into action. Christians live knowing a greater, more important countdown has already started- the countdown to Jesus’ return. Listen in as we think about 7 reasons Christians will share their faith and 7 ways they might prepare to share.

Two Ways to Live – Judgement (Lunchtime talk)

Judgement A recent Guardian editorial in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal said: ‘if there is one thing that makes the most benign agnostic wish that there were a God to punish sinners with eternal torment, it is the contemplation of history’s monsters.’ Listen in as we ask what Jesus wants us to believe about judgement and as we continue our series through the truths underpinning Two Ways to Live.

Marks of the Spirit-filled church: 1 of 3: Unpopular

John 15:18-16:4 One-hit wonder Joan Osborne had a top-ten hit in the 90s with a song called “One of us”. The songs asks the question about what kind of reception we would expect God to get if he became one of us. What about if God were to reveal himself to one people in the world, and if he were to show them what life’s about and how to live and flourish in this world, how do we think the world would respond to those people? Our answer to these questions reveals a lot about our assumptions about humanity. Come and hear Jesus’ answers to these questions and why a distinctive feature of a Spirit-filled church must be being unpopular.