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Question of Life: 7 of 7: If Christianity is true, why don’t more believe?

John 10:22-30 Christianity has been around for millennia. In this country, there are churches everywhere, the basics are taught in schools, and Christmas has a high profile. Yet, despite all this, committed Christians seem few and far between, including in our workplaces. Surely, if Christianity is true, more would believe? To address this question, we’ll consider what Jesus has to say in John 10.

One thing in common – Sir Jeremy Cooke

The Honourable Mr Justice Cooke is a former Harlequins rugby player and now a High Court Judge. He has judged many high-profile cases, including the Pakistani match-fixing trial in which he condemned their behaviour as “not cricket”. He is vice-chairman of the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship. Here he is interviewed, and then speaks on: “Does faith fly in the face of the evidence?”