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Carol Service

‬John‭ ‬1:1-14‭ For many people,‭ ‬the Christmas story is charming,‭ ‬even comforting,‭ ‬but we‭’‬re left asking the question:‭ “‬so what‭?”‬ Often it can feel a bit over-familiar,‭ ‬and we just can‭’‬t get excited about it anymore.‭ ‬Listen in to the real meaning of the Christmas events and why they are jaw-droppingly relevant to every person on the planet.

A Sting in the Tale: 1 of 3: The Good Samaritan

A lawyer asks Jesus “what shall I do to inherit eternal life?” This is one of the most fundamental questions that everybody at some point asks, about what will happen when we die – we might phrase this question today something like “How can I be sure I’ll be saved in the end?” If we profess to be God’s people, then this will show in how we live our lives – not only in how we love God, but also in how we love others. Jesus challenges us not to think about who we are to love, but to be loving…