"Suffering" Tagged Sermons

How to Handle… Sorrow

Psalm 13 In a world filled with sin and suffering, sorrow is an inescapable reality. Scripture is full of people who have had to come to terms with their own sorrow, and how they should relate to God in the midst of it. Listen in as we hear David cry out to God and ask…

Be thinking: Where is God when life hurts?

Daniel 3:19-30If it hasn’t happened to us already then it’s very likely to be just a matter of time before we experience painful, seemingly pointless, tragedy. When this happens the question: “Where is God when life hurts?” becomes not just a philosophical question but a real and practical one. Listen in as we consider what anchors we need to put in place before the storm hits.

Doubt: 4: Does God love me?

Romans 5:1-11 Does God love me? Sometimes we may be tempted to doubt whether he does because of sin in our lives. At other times it may be because of suffering, when we wonder why God has allowed this to happen to us if he really loves us. This passage shows us where we can find assurance of God’s love at such times.