Sermons on Christmas (Page 2)

Christmas Carols

Luke 2:1-14 Christmas is full of contrasts- contrasting traditions, contrasting feelings. This passage turns on contrasting leaders. Caesar, who demands his subjects serve him; and Jesus who chooses weakness to serve his subjects. Listen in as we see Luke unfold the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas Carol Service

John 1:1-18Whoever looked at Christmas lunch and said, “I know what this meal needs – a bad joke, a paper hat, and some nail clippers!” But the contents of the traditional Christmas cracker actually take us to the very heart of the Christmas message.

Christmas 2015

Luke 2:22-39 In 2013 the 77-year-long wait for a British Wimbledon men’s champion came to an end, and joy and relief swept the country. Now that Jesus has come, the centuries-long wait for the Saviour is over. It’s party-time for our world!

Christmas Day 2015

Luke 1:26-38 After the horrific shootings in San Bernadino, California, a newspaper headline said, ‘God is not fixing this’. It’s hard to deny that the world is in a mess. But Christmas tells us God is at work to fix things – in the most remarkable way.

Christmas Day 2014

Matthew 1:18-25 Nowadays baby names more often than not are chosen according to who the latest celebrity is,‭ ‬or what sounds nice,‭ ‬or which names are currently topping the name charts.‭ ‬But in biblical times the meaning of names was significant.‭ ‬The names given the baby in the manger reveal his unique identity.‭