Sermons on Cross

Set free by Christ: the gospel of the cross (Lunchtime)

Galatians 3:10-18 The historian Tom Holland’s recently published ‘Dominion’ is about the debt that the contemporary West owes to Christianity. At the centre of this Christianity is the cross. Holland writes, ‘All are heirs to the same revolution: a revolution that has, at its molten heart, the image of a god dead upon an implement of torture’. But why is the death of Jesus the heart of the revolution? And why do we need to keep the cross at the centre?

Two ways to live: – the Cross (Sunday)

1 Peter 3:18 What do the following have in common – an anchor, a dove, a shepherd, a fish, a lamb, a ship, a cross? They were all used as symbols of the Christian faith in the early Church. The cross became the central one – but why? And isn’t it about time we gave the Church a makeover and swapped all the crosses for fish or dove symbols?