Sermons on Morality

Is being good good enough for God‭?

Matthew‭ ‬21:33-46 As we look around the world it seems obvious that Christians do not have a monopoly on doing good.‭ ‬In many cases Christians are put to shame by the superior kindness and integrity of those who don‭’‬t share their faith.‭ ‬Is it not then arrogant to suggest that people have to be Christian […]

A Sting in the Tale: 2 of 3: The Prodigal Son

I wonder how would you react if you saw a church leader having lunch with a group of people who were guilty of fraud? Or maybe a Bible study leader hanging out with known drug addicts? Would you be a bit shocked, perhaps even judgmental, that they would even consider associating with such people? This is how Jesus was treated by the religious people of his day. We can distance ourselves from God not only in obvious rejection of him, but also in our religious morality – and this can be the more dangerous if it goes undetected…