Good News (2) – Power display

Mark 1:16-39 What is the mission of the church? What is the church sent into the world to do? One book on the subject says this is the ‘most discussed and most potentially divisive issue in the evangelical church today’. This question of mission and priority was one Jesus had to confront right at the beginning of his ministry. We do well to learn from him.

Who has your back?

Psalm 121 As Christians we are on a long journey to the heavenly city in the new creation. How are we going to make it? So much could go wrong en route. How do we avoid being consumed by anxiety and fear? This pilgrim psalm is the medicine we need.

Hope in the face of death

John 11:1-44 With well over half a million people worldwide now having died from COVID-19, we have all been forced to confront our own mortality. But this is something Jeremy Marshall has had to face up to even before the pandemic began. Jeremy was in senior management for many years at Credit Suisse, and then as CEO at C.Hoare & Co., the UK’s oldest private bank. Now 57, he has a rare and incurable form of cancer. In this interview and Bible talk, he shares something of his story and why he has hope in the face of death.

True Discipleship: 5 of 6

1 Kings 20:1-43 What comes to mind when we hear the word ‘God’ really matters. If the God in my mind does not correspond to the God who is actually there, I’m worshipping a false god. It’s worthless idolatry. In this chapter something of what God is like is revealed to us, so that we might know him better.