The week that changed the world: 1 of 2: The Turning-point

Mark 14:22-42 A clergyman in Waterloo recently hit the headlines for allowing a Muslim prayer service in his church, sparking a debate about whether Christians and muslims do in fact worship the same God. A recent survey of Anglican clergy in the UK revealed that only 28% would now say that “Christianity is the only path to God”. So is it narrow and divisive for Christians to insist that Jesus is the only way? Listen in as we consider this question.

Freedom: 3 of 3: Set free from death

Revelation 1:17-18 The other day I found myself staring at a gravestone inscribed with the words, ‘In loving memory. Taken from us on Friday 7th July 2045’. According to the calculations of the online Death Clock, I have just 11,077 days left. The headstone was mine. Sooner or later that day will indeed come. What hope is there?

Marks of the Spirit-filled church: 2 of 3: Jesus-focussed

John 16:5-15 The film Groundhog Day depicts someone who is trapped in a time loop. One reason the film is so popular is that it resonates with so many people’s experience. Each day follows the last, but what’s the point? We’re just trapped in this endless cycle, having to create our own sense of meaning and purpose. The film taps into a longing we have to be caught up in a grand and glorious story which is actually heading somewhere. Listen in as we consider Jesus’ teaching about where history’s heading, and how we can live purposeful lives.