Sermons from July 2014

Deep Hunger: 1 of 2: …our longing for rest

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. If you want something badly enough, and if you work at it hard enough, you can accomplish anything.” This “you can do it” mentality sounds exciting, but what about when the reality check hits us? What about when we can’t live the life we wanted to? And when we can’t keep the plates spinning? And when we can’t keep meeting people’s expectations anymore? What then?

Noah Lunchtime talk – Part 1 of 2

Genesis 6:5-8 The recent Noah blockbuster captures something of the horror of this ancient story: a divine judgement wiping out nearly everyone and everything on the planet. One commentator asked the question: “what kind of a god feels he has to destroy everyone just because he’s unhappy with the choices we make?” In fact this…