Sermons from September 2014

God’s survival manual 2 of 2: When deep in enemy territory

Daniel‭ ‬1:3-21 Sometimes churches or individuals face crisis moments where they have to choose between denying God or suffering persecution.‭ ‬At other times the threat is much more subtle:‭ ‬just gradually fitting in with the culture around us.‭  ‬This second kind of threat,‭ ‬like rocks submerged under the surface,‭ ‬can actually be more dangerous.

Is being good good enough for God‭?

Matthew‭ ‬21:33-46 As we look around the world it seems obvious that Christians do not have a monopoly on doing good.‭ ‬In many cases Christians are put to shame by the superior kindness and integrity of those who don‭’‬t share their faith.‭ ‬Is it not then arrogant to suggest that people have to be Christian…