Sermons from October 2014

Questions for God 2 of 2: Why don’t you make yourself clearer‭?

Mark‭ ‬3:1-6 Richard Dawkins was once asked,‭ “‬If you died and arrived at the gates of Heaven,‭ ‬what would you say to God to justify your lifelong atheism‭?” ‬To which he responded,‭ “‬I’d quote Bertrand Russell:‭ ‘‬Not enough evidence,‭ ‬God,‭ ‬not enough evidence.‭’”‬ If God is there,‭ ‬why doesn’t he make himself clearer‭?

Which light are you following? (Sunday Service)

John 8v12 Why are we afraid of the dark? Why is darkness associated with evil? Black magic. The dark side which seduced Darth Vader. Horror films set in the dark. The dark is spooky. And in the darkness our imaginations go into overdrive. The Bible says that spiritual darkness is for real and affects us all. We need light – but we need to choose carefully which light we follow.

Experiencing God: 3 of 3: Experiencing Joyful Confidence

According to Macbeth: “Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” If we are stuck in a universe consisting only of energy, time, and chance, then ours is necessarily a frightening and chaotic existence. And so for many people, distraction and denial become their only allies in battling life’s inherent insecurity. Listen in to Jesus’ freeing teaching on why and how we can go through life with joyful confidence.