Our midweek lunchtime service is aimed at workers from around Canary Wharf. A 20-minute talk explains a Bible text and its relevance to our lives. Seating is arranged in a café-style format with lunch and hot drinks available. Whether you are someone who wants to explore the Christian claims, or a Christian looking for teaching and fellowship – we invite everyone to join us in for a relaxed, unpressured time together.

Times and location

Wednesdays 12.15 pm at the Idea Store Canary Wharf

Wednesdays 1.15 pm at St Peter’s Barge

Thursdays 1.15 pm at St Peter’s Barge

Upcoming events

Words to the Wharf

14+15 Nov “Money lacks power” (Jonah 1)

21+22 Nov “Some are out their depth” (Jonah 2)

28+29 Nov “Markets must heed warnings” (Jonah 3)

05+06 Dec “Hypocrisy is pathetic” (Jonah 4)

Christmas Lunchtime Carols

12+13 Dec Christmas Carols

19+20 Dec Christmas Carols

Email updates

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