Sunday Service

ON THE BARGE at 11.00 am

In the service, we listen to what God has to say to us as the Bible is read and explained, and praise him as we sing Christian hymns and songs, led by a group of musicians. At the end of the meeting, time permitting, there is an open forum offering the chance to ask questions or make comments related to the theme from the Bible for that service.

If you miss the service, the sermon (audio to the website, and video to YouTube) will be uploaded in the days following.

More information on the teaching programme next term can be found in the termcard (May – Aug 2024). Other church updates are also published in our Facebook groupSt Peter’s Barge.

Growth Groups

Growth Groups provide an opportunity for Christians who are part of the Barge Sunday Church to study the Bible, pray, and get to know others in a smaller group. They offer a level of support, encouragement, friendship, and accountability that is hard to achieve in the larger gathering of the main Sunday meeting. Growth Groups meet on Wednesday evenings on the Barge from 7.30-9.00 pm. There is also a Tuesday morning Growth Group for women at 10 am. And there are Sunday options for those who can’t make any of the other days. To join a group, please sign up here.