Our physical bodies (1): body matters

Various Our bodies are a very sensitive subject – how we feel about them, what we’ve done with them, what others have done to them, how they are changing. Our bodies stir up a whole range of emotions, and it can be bewildering. Where can we find help, clarity, and hope? The Bible has a lot to say about bodies.

The Lord’s Prayer

Matthew 6:9-13 The Lord’s Prayer is so familiar, but do we use it? Every day? We should do because it puts relationship with our heavenly Father at the heart of each day. It reorientates our lives around his name, his kingdom, and his will. And it meets our biggest needs – for provision, pardon,

Ambition (4): The benedictions

Various ‘What can we be praying for you at the moment?’ How would you respond? Our requests are often quite different to what we find in the prayers in the Bible. The little prayers sometimes called ‘benedictions’ in the New Testament letters have different, bigger concerns. They challenge us to set our sights higher and be more ambitious.