Remembrance Day 2023

John 15:9-15 What does the sacrifice we recall on Remembrance Day tell us about the world we live in? When we recall loved ones we have lost, we learn something about the very heart of God. Join us to mark Remembrance 2023.

Malachi (4)

Malachi 2:10-16 Dogs are famously faithful to their owners. As humans our track record in being faithful is not so impressive, but as believers we should be different. God accused his people in Malachi’s day of being faithless – to him and to each other. Especially in their home life. Would he say the same to us?

Malachi (3)

Malachi 2:1-9 At first glance this passage looks like we’ve been copied in on an irrelevant email to 5th century BC priests. But when we put our New Testament specs on, it becomes clear that the message is for us – pointing us to Jesus; teaching us about church leaders; and warning us as believers.

Malachi (2)

Malachi 1:6-14 The LORD is a great King who deserves our whole-life, whole-hearted commitment. But the people of Malachi’s day were dishonouring him. It may be that we are doing the same, without realizing it. If so, we need a fresh vision of who the LORD is.

Malachi (1)

Malachi 1:1-5 When things don’t work out in life as we had hoped – bad news from the doctor, loss of a loved one, disappointment in our personal or working life – we are tempted to doubt God’s love for us. The people in Malachi’s day could relate. And God’s message to them then is what we need to hear today.

Barge Day Away: Talk 1

Apparently, physicists say everything most real in the universe is invisible. The Bible agrees. As people of Christian faith we believe in what we do not see, and our centre of gravity is an unseen future. This is how God’s people have always lived, and how we are called to live to day. Hebrews 11 is written to encourage us in this.

Barge Day Away: Talk 2

‘Fly and die’ is a term used in racing – running, rowing – when someone sets off like a rocket but then blows up part way through. We cannot afford to do that in the Christian race. We need a faith that endures to the end. Hebrews 11 is written to encourage us in this.