Sermons from July 2019

Challenge Accepted: Don’t be owned by money

Luke 12:13-34 As Lloyds Bank note in their current The M Word campaign: ‘Conversations about money can be difficult… but sometimes those conversations are the most important ones to have’. Jesus spoke a lot about the topic of money that we often avoid. This week we’re looking at one of his eleven parables on money – that focuses on our desire for wealth and ultimate security. Listen in to consider The M Word from a Christian perspective.

East of Eden: The Hope

Genesis 4:25-5:32 What do you make of the idea that there is a chosen race? It doesn’t have good associations, does it. But you don’t have to get very far into the Bible before you come across the idea. So who is this chosen race? How do you get in? What is life like for them?

East of Eden: The Flood (Lunchtime)

Genesis 6-9In 2004 the Indian Ocean Tsunami left 200,000 people dead. There were numerous reports written in the years that followed, seeking to draw lessons learned from that disaster. The wise learn from history. And if we are wise we will do the same as we reflect on the mother of all so-called ‘natural disasters’ – the Flood that destroyed the ancient world in the days of Noah.

Mission Partner Sunday

Philippians 1:12-18 Nelson Mandela was in prison for 27 years, yet had a powerful impact even from there because of the power of proximity. Proximity is something the apostle Paul made the most of as well for the advance of the gospel – and we can too, in our workplaces and neighbourhoods. (This talk is by Musa, one of the Barge Mission Partners, who pastors a church in Soweto).

East of Eden: The chosen (Lunchtime)

Genesis 4:25-5:32 The notion that there is a chosen race has been highly controversial and divisive throughout history – different groups have championed whites, or blacks, or Aryans, or Jews…The Bible is unusual in that it affirms there is a chosen race, but all are invited to become part of it! Listen in as we look at Genesis 5 as part of our ‘East of Eden’ series.

East of Eden: The Murder

Genesis 4:1-24 “It is the best-known story in the world, because it is everybody’s story. It is the symbol story of the human soul. The story of mankind”. So claims one of the characters in John Steinbeck’s epic novel ‘East of Eden’ about the biblical account of Cain and Abel. It holds up a mirror to ourselves and the world in which we now live.