Who is who

Barge Staff

Rev. Marcus Nodder – Senior Pastor ([email protected] | 07727 713 744)

Marcus has been the senior minister at St Peter’s Barge, London’s only floating church, since 2004. He is married to Lina and they have four children – Sebastian, Reuben, Harriet, and Nelson – and a Beagle called Sally. He studied French & German at Cambridge University, where he spent many happy hours rowing, and is also a graduate of Oak Hill Theological College.

Apart from a brief spell in banking he has worked for churches. He grew up in Manchester, but on the rare occasions he is now not in London, he can usually be found hanging about on an island just off Stockholm. He lives on the Isle of Dogs, and his children go to local schools in Tower Hamlets.

Callum Elwood – Associate Pastor ([email protected])

Callum loves a coffee / meal with friends, particularly if he can chat about the Lord Jesus. Raised in Nottingham, he studied in Kent where he grew a love for the sea, which he missed when training for ordination in Oxford. Callum is always up for a game of squash. 

Fiona Robb – Women and children’s worker ([email protected])

Fiona came to the Barge in 2009, after completing the Cornhill Bible Training Course. She previously worked for two other churches and in Water Resources for a government agency. She was born and raised in sunny Glasgow, but has lived south of the border for all her adult life. She has three goddaughters, one godson, a large extended family spread all over the world, and is also grateful for her Christian family in London and beyond.

She is rarely happier than when she spends time with friends or family, drinks tea, drives fun cars or goes to the theatre. She lives in Poplar.

Alison Garrow – Wharf Women’s worker ([email protected])

Alison came to work in Canary Wharf as a trainee solicitor in 2006. She became part of the midweek and Sunday congregations, before moving to work in central London. In 2016, she returned to the heights of the Wharf now working for a specialist workplace law firm and has recently reduced her hours to working 4 days a week in order to have 1 day a week to work with the midweek congregation.

Alison is a Glaswegian born and bred but feels that 12 years in town give her dual citizenship as an honorary Londoner. When not engaged in the cut throat world of law and/or church, she greatly enjoys watching and playing any sport with a racquet or hanging out with her friends and godsons (usually playing train tracks, a sport she came to late in life).

Jing Gou – Administrator ([email protected] | 07391 296 439)

Jing was born and brought up in an ordinary family in China, then became a Christian and was baptised in the UK. She worked in retail for 11 years. Since 2012, her parents were saved one after the other, she was really encouraged and looking forward to growing more in Christ. She started working at the Barge in January 2014. She enjoys having coffee and spending time with friends on sunny afternoons. She also likes to read books. She lives in Limehouse.

Barge elders

Marcus Nodder

Callum Elwood

Pete Lewis (lay elder)

Rob Jung (Lay elder)

A Norfolk country boy by birth, Rob has now spent nearly half his life living and working in London as a designer for creative agencies and large tech companies, creating brands, films, websites and apps. He’s passionate talking about the arts and creative industries but even more-so about his coming to know Jesus Christ as lord and what Christ means for all of us. Rob first came to the St Peter’s Barge in 2008 and got baptised here 18 months later, he has celebrated marriage to Lidia on the Barge and they now have two children, Nico & Etta… now there’s never a dull moment in family life. He lives in Stratford, east London.

Barge Deacons

Adrian Lui (PA)

David Wilson (Stewarding)

Fiona Robb (Women’s and Children’s Ministry)

IB Alabi (Safeguarding)

Jim Wilson (Mission Partners)

Karen Pui (Hong Kong Ready Initiative; Cantonese Fellowship)

Simon Jenkinson (Music)

Barge Trustees

Alison Garrow (Property)

Bruce Gardiner (Employment law)

Jiaying Han (GDPR) 

Marcus Evans (Chair & finances) 

Rebecca Lewis (Treasurer) 

Tara Wilson (Health & Safety)