Sermons from March 2023

Job: is God good?

Job 34 ‘If God is good, why does he allow so much suffering in the world? And why did he allow this or that to happen to me?’ Doubts can start to creep in, and we wonder, ‘Maybe he’s not so good after all’. Given such doubts can invade the thinking of even the godliest of people, like Job, we need to listen carefully to what this chapter says about the goodness of God.

Job: Joined-up life

Job 31 Some people live to please others; some to please themselves; but the believer lives to please God. But what does such a faith-filled, God-fearing life look like? That is what we find out in this chapter. It points us to Jesus who lived this perfectly, but also challenges us to live as he did.

Job: Mockery & Silence

Job 30 Sometimes in life we can feel trapped – stuck in a difficult present. That’s where Job is in this chapter, mocked by others and feeling rejected by God. The Bible speaks of ‘the steadfastness of Job’. That is a quality we will need too in the Christian life.

Faith in the workplace: Productivity

How productive would you say you are? How good are you at managing your time? Do you wish you could devote more time to projects outside of your work? God gives us time and we have to decide how we use it. At our Faith in the Workplace session, we are going to see how a biblical perspective on productivity can help us with the very practical day-to-day demands of life.