Sermons by Jeremy Hobson

Barge Day Away: Talk 1

Apparently, physicists say everything most real in the universe is invisible. The Bible agrees. As people of Christian faith we believe in what we do not see, and our centre of gravity is an unseen future. This is how God’s people have always lived, and how we are called to live to day. Hebrews 11 is written to encourage us in this.

Barge Day Away: Talk 2

‘Fly and die’ is a term used in racing – running, rowing – when someone sets off like a rocket but then blows up part way through. We cannot afford to do that in the Christian race. We need a faith that endures to the end. Hebrews 11 is written to encourage us in this.

Questions of Life: 3 of 7: Does sin actually matter?

Genesis 3:1-24 A London drinking song begins with the lyrics “Here’s to sin and here’s to virtue, a little bit of both won’t hurt you,” and the common feeling is that as long as no-one gets too badly hurt, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of grown-up naughtiness from time to time. Perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to old-fashioned categories like sin, guilt, good and bad, and forgiveness? Listen in as we look at one of the foundational texts of the Old Testament – Genesis 3 – and see what relevance it has in our morally ambiguous world.