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Share Life: See it, Say it…Sorted?

Romans 10:9 ‘If you see something that doesn’t look right’… That could be the harsh reality of the world we live in – so much of it doesn’t look right! But the solution suggested by the British Transport Police is surprisingly similar to the meaning of Easter, ‘See it, say it, sorted.’

Share Life: Two Ways to Live

Psalm 1 Of all the many ways our world says we can live, did you realise that it really comes down to just two? While from our perspective it looks like there are lots of paths our life could take, from God’s perspective, there are just two.

Share Life: Is the Bible inclusive?

What do you think about the Bible? While millions of people treat the Bible as a book to be respected, as a message from God for all of creation, for others it is divisive and out of date. For others still it is a repository of texts weaponised in culture wars. But what actually is the message of the Bible? And is it a message for you? In this talk, we will look at an overview of the Bible’s message and consider how inclusive it is.