Sermons from March 2021

Life When You’re Struggling

Interview with Emma Scrivener. Emma was born in Belfast, studied in Oxford, and has written ‘A New Name’ and ‘A New Day’. Books that tell her story of finding grace and healing for her struggle with anorexia, and biblical wisdom for mental health struggles.

Hope in the Face of Suffering

Interview and talk by Jeremy Marshall. Jeremy worked for Credit Suisse for 20 years in senior management, and after that was CEO of C Hoare & Co, Britain’s oldest Bank, until May 2016. Now he has terminal cancer. Join us for this interview and talk as Jeremy speaks about the difference Jesus has made to his life and the difference as he faces death

Good News (12) – Undeserved favour

Mark 7:24-8:10 A sense of entitlement can easily creep into we relate to God. We easily start to feel not just that society owes but that God does too – but nothing could be further from the truth. The three true stories in this passage highlight how undeserving we really are, and how thankful we should be.

Good News (11) – Heart Problem

Mark 7:1-23 Hands, face, space. Such measures are effective in stopping the spread of a virus, but useless when in stopping the spread of sin. Much religion though operates on this basis. It assumes that the problem is out there in the world and we need to protect ourselves from infection and wash ourselves clean. But true worship recognizes the problem is not outside of us but in us. And a much deeper solution is needed.