Sermons on evangelism

When sharing the gospel is hard…

2 Corinthians 4:1-6 When people hear the word ‘Evangelism’ (sharing the Message of Jesus), they can have a wide range of reactions. Some think it’s wonderful, while others think its plain weird. Many Christians sign up in theory, but in reality they’re weary and discouraged. Listen in as Paul shares his motivations for joyfully keeping going, even when it’s hard.

Prepare to Share: Why would Christians share their faith?

Why would Christians share their faith? A week after the vote, we know sometime soon a 2 year countdown to Brexit will begin. Simply knowing the countdown is coming sends us scurrying into action. Christians live knowing a greater, more important countdown has already started- the countdown to Jesus’ return. Listen in as we think about 7 reasons Christians will share their faith and 7 ways they might prepare to share.