Sermons on Suffering

Job (3): ‘Birthday curses’

Job 2:11-3:26 There is a shallow, superficial type of Christianity which makes out that if we are true believers we should always be smiling, laughing, and overflowing with happiness. This passage says otherwise. A true godly believer may go through times of deep darkness. It’s important we recognize this – so we are prepared, should we experience it ourselves; and so we can help others who are suffering.

Remembrance Sunday

omans 12:1 After finishing a twenty-year career in the British Army in 2001, Dr. RobertLyman has published widely on the Second World War in Europe, North Africa and Asia. His most recent book is ‘A War of Empires’. He was the historical consultant to the BBC for the VJ Day ceremonies in 2015 and 2020. In this interview and talk he speaks about sacrifice – Christ for us, and us as living sacrifices for God.

Be thinking: Where is God when life hurts?

Daniel 3:19-30If it hasn’t happened to us already then it’s very likely to be just a matter of time before we experience painful, seemingly pointless, tragedy. When this happens the question: “Where is God when life hurts?” becomes not just a philosophical question but a real and practical one. Listen in as we consider what anchors we need to put in place before the storm hits.