Sermons by Richard Borgonon

Richard Borgonon – The Word 121

John 1:1-18 Topping the list of 2,000 people in the recently published study “Who Is Bigger?” Jesus Christ continues to inspire, intrigue and infuriate people across the world. The accounts of his life, however, are still relatively unknown and unread by a large number of people in the UK. So how do we help people find out more about Jesus’ life, teaching and his impact on our lives?

Richard Borgonon, along with William Taylor of St Helen’s Bishopsgate, have co-written The Word 1-2-1, a set of user-friendly notes which help people engage with who Jesus is as they read John’s gospel.

In this recording, Richard shares the reasons why he invites friends to read a gospel with him and how he does this in the workplace. It’s a great encouragement to make the most of this opportunity with our colleagues and friends.