Sermons on Word

Lasting Legacy (5): Proclaim the gospel

2 Timothy 4:1-8 On 9/11 in 2001, within 10 minutes of the first plane hitting the tower, over 1000 phone calls were made from people in the buildings or on the other planes. And they all said the same three words – ‘I love you’. What would your last words be to your loved ones? Here we have the apostle Paul’s final message, which he sums up in another three words: preach the Word.

True Discipleship: 4 OF 6

1 Kings 19:8-21 If you just had 1 Kings 18 you might think the life of faith is to be spent camped out on Mt Carmel waiting for fire to come down from heaven. But these chapters about Elijah are a tale of two mountains. What happens on Mt Horeb, the mount of God, is very different – and very important for us to understand.