Two Ways to live

Two ways to live: – the Cross (Sunday)

1 Peter 3:18 What do the following have in common – an anchor, a dove, a shepherd, a fish, a lamb, a ship, a cross? They were all used as symbols of the Christian faith in the early Church. The cross became the central one – but why? And isn’t it about time we gave the Church a makeover and swapped all the crosses for fish or dove symbols?

Two Ways to Live – Judgement (Lunchtime talk)

Judgement A recent Guardian editorial in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal said: ‘if there is one thing that makes the most benign agnostic wish that there were a God to punish sinners with eternal torment, it is the contemplation of history’s monsters.’ Listen in as we ask what Jesus wants us to believe about judgement and as we continue our series through the truths underpinning Two Ways to Live.