Easter Sunday – how Easter brings us hope

1 Peter 1:3 Many during the pandemic have felt an increasing sense of hopelessness. But even before then there has been a growing crisis of hope in society, with people no longer believing in a better world for their children – because of tribalism and division, climate change, the rise of religious extremism. Where can we find hope? To have hope for the future we need to turn to the past – to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, through which we are born again to a living hope.

Easter Sunday 2020

Revelation 1:17-18 Keys give you power. They get you out of places. They unlock doors. Without the key you’re trapped. And so death is a prison to which we’re all heading. And none of us has the key to get out of it into life beyond. But Jesus does. His resurrection declares him to be the only keyholder.

Good Friday 2020

John 3:16 If you were watching a performance of the ballet Swan Lake for the first time, and you didn’t have any plot synopsis, you’d be struggling to figure out what was going on. And so with the crucifixion of Jesus. But Jesus himself gives us his interpretation in what is one of the most famous verses in the Bible.

Easter 2019 (Lunchtime)

Isaiah 53:4-7 The cross is for Christians what the Golden Arches are for McDonald’s or the Swoosh is for Nike. It’s their logo that they proudly display everywhere. But why? What is the relevance today of a man’s execution 2000 years ago? The answer is found in two animals in an ancient prophecy.