Sermons on Glory

The Glory of God

Luke 2:8-14With one millions selfies being taken each day, this has been called the generation of the self-obsessed. But when we open the Bible we find the focus is not on us but on God and his glory. However, God revealing his glory for his glory is for our good.

Marks of the Spirit-filled church: 3 of 3: God-centered

John 17:1-5 In 2012 plans were announced to start a human colony on mars by 2027. Even though applicants have to pay to apply, and there are no plans for return, there were nearly 3000 applicants in the first year. Human beings seem to seek out opportunities to invest their lives in something significant and glorious. Listen in to discover the great cause which captivated and drove Jesus, and why it’s the one cause really worth living and dying for.