Sermons from August 2015

Question of Life: 7 of 7: If Christianity is true, why don’t more believe?

John 10:22-30 Christianity has been around for millennia. In this country, there are churches everywhere, the basics are taught in schools, and Christmas has a high profile. Yet, despite all this, committed Christians seem few and far between, including in our workplaces. Surely, if Christianity is true, more would believe? To address this question, we’ll consider what Jesus has to say in John 10.

Living for eternity: 3 of 5: The Faithful Servant

Luke 12:35-48 Is making Jesus our master right? Is it worth it? How can we keep serving him when our hearts feel cold toward him? This passage shows us a Jesus who it’s not only right to serve, but who can be trusted as master. Jesus is the only master who always serves his people- now and into eternity. Whether you’ve been serving Jesus a long time, or weighing it up for yourself. This talk is for you.

Questions of Life: 4 of 7: Is following Jesus really worth the cost?

Luke 9:18-27 Let’s be honest, following Jesus can be hard graft. Standing up as a follower of Jesus in your office is more likely to get you grief than praise and sometimes we’re tempted to ask the question ‘is it really worth it?’ Jesus is totally realistic about what it means to follow him and he doesn’t pull his punches when he says “deny yourself, take up your cross and follow me.” So is it really worth it? Whether you’re weighing up whether to follow Jesus at all or wondering about keeping going after years of doing it this talk is for you.