Sermons from August 2019

Life Lessons: The slippery slope

1 Kings 11:1-25When Christians fall away and give up on the Christian faith, it often seems to come out of the blue. But more often than not it is the result of smaller compromises, sometimes many years before, which in time had a domino-effect. That was certainly the case for King Solomon, and if we are wise we will learn from his downfall.

Challenge Accepted: Hate hypocrisy

Luke 11:37-12:3 We hate hypocrisy- auditors who can’t audit themselves, bosses who want us to ‘do as they say, not do as they do’, church leaders who aren’t very Christian. The good news is Jesus hates it even more. Listen in as we see how Jesus exposes hypocrisy, condemns hypocrisy and can save us from hypocrisy.

Fullness in Christ: Proclaim Christ Jesus

Colossians 1:24-2:5 This is all about ‘proclaiming the gospel’. In v23 and again in v25 we learn it was because of Christ Jesus and his gospel that Paul does what he does. There is power in the gospel, and the mystery is revealed that the gospel is available to all! God is the one who reveals mysteries and truth, and God has revealed his plan for salvation to the Gentiles – through Jesus, we can be his children. And this message is spread when those who hear the gospel, tell others the gospel.

When we consider our own lives, whether we’re working, studying, staying at home, retired, unemployed, we are servants of Jesus Christ – are we proclaiming the gospel?

Challenge Accepted: Don’t compromise

Daniel 6 When God calls us to live distinctively, he’s also calling us to live consistently. This is by no means an easy task! It’s important to have role models that we can look to for encouragement, and the book of Daniel provides us with many lessons in how to live in a world that rejects God. Daniel, by chapter 6, is in his 80s, having served for at least 65 years in the Babylonian Empire. But it isn’t until now that, as an old man, he is faced with his biggest challenge to his faith! And he faced this challenge in ways we might not expect – Daniel did exactly what he had always done!