Sermons by Marcus Nodder

Jesus in Genesis (5)

Various In Genesis there’s a priest-king called Melchizedek who makes a brief appearance. It would be easy to miss him. But as the Bible story unfolds it turns out that he is hugely important, pointing us forward to the ultimate priest-king, and to what Easter is all about.

Jesus in Genesis (4)

Various We all love stories. But as we get older, we wonder if there is a bigger story of which we are part, which gives meaning to our lives. The Bible reveals this bigger story, in which the main character is Jesus. The mini-stories in the Old Testament are part of this bigger story and point to him, as we see in this talk which focuses on Jacob, Joseph, and Judah.

Jesus in Genesis (3)

Various How would you sum up in one word your philosophy of life, your beliefs? What would be the one word for someone who is a Christian? Christianity is about Christ; the Bible is about Christ; even the Old Testament is about Christ. As we continue to explore Jesus in Genesis, this talk focuses in on the stories of Noah, Abraham, and Isaac.

Jesus in Genesis (2)

Various How do we see Jesus more clearly? Not just by reading the Gospels, but by paying attention to the Old Testament Scriptures, which bear witness to him. In this talk we continue our journey through Genesis, exploring how it points to Jesus.

Jesus in Genesis (1)

Various Jesus said of the Old Testament that it bears witness to him. But how? In what ways? Is it just in the odd Messianic prophecy? It’s so much more than that. In this first talk we’ll explore how Adam points us to Christ.

Crime & punishment (2)

Various What happens when we die? Some think that death is the end; others that everyone goes to a better place. The Bible says that after death comes judgment, and hell. This is what we need saving from. This is why Jesus came.

Crime & punishment (1)

Various Confessing that we are sinners, and asking God for mercy through Jesus, is how we enter the kingdom of God. But how does anyone get from thinking they are essentially good and en route to a better place, to recognizing that they are sinners heading for judgement? This is the first talk in a series of two called ‘Crime & Punishment’.

Malachi (7)

Malachi 3:13-4:6 Why bother being a Christian? What’s in it for us? How do we benefit? Plenty of people who are not Christian seem to have a pretty good time and are happy, and in some ways their lives may actually be better than ours. So why bother? God tells us why in this final section of Malachi.

Malachi (6)

Malachi 3:6-12 Theft is a big problem in society, and we hate it. We hate having our stuff stolen. But could it be that we ourselves are thieves? Are we actually robbing God, without being aware of it? The people were in Malachi’s day. Perhaps we are too.