Ambition (4): The benedictions

Various ‘What can we be praying for you at the moment?’ How would you respond? Our requests are often quite different to what we find in the prayers in the Bible. The little prayers sometimes called ‘benedictions’ in the New Testament letters have different, bigger concerns. They challenge us to set our sights higher and be more ambitious.

God, sex, & marriage

As Christians our view of sex is regarded by others increasingly not just as outdated and weird, but oppressive and discriminatory. The danger is that we become embarrassed and defensive. But there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. The biblical understanding of sex corresponds to reality as God has made it. It is a better story, and a better vision for human flourishing.


Acts 2:1–13 The Holy Spirit fills the apostles on pentecost, giving them power to proclaim the mighty works of God. But what does this mean for us today? And how does it help the mission of God: that his church be witnesses to the ends of the earth? 

Job (13): Evil monsters

Job 40:6-42:6 Children check under the bed for monsters, and even when we grow up the fear of monsters and fascination with them doesn’t go away. Monsters represent our fears, ultimately of evil. What do we do with this fear of evil? What hope is there in the face of evil? That is what these chapters are about.