A series of lunchtime talks over summer – “Challenge Accepted”

All talks take place:
Wednesdays 12.15 pm at the Idea Store Canary Wharf
Wednesdays 1.15 pm at St Peter’s Barge
Thursdays 1.15 pm at St Peter’s Barge

24+25 Jul Don’t think too much of yourself (Titus 3:1-8)

31 Jul+1 Aug Don’t be owned by money (Luke 12:13-34)

7+8 Aug Don’t compromise (Daniel 6)

14+15 Aug Hate hypocrisy (Luke 11:37-12:3)

21+22 Aug Go public with your faith (Luke 12:4-12)

28+29 Aug Ask tough questions – is Jesus a Prophet of Islam? (Matthew 17:1-13)

4+5 Sept How to handle sorrow (Psalm 13)