“Questions of Life”
A series of lunchtime talks during Summer 2015

These summer lunchtime talks are an opportunity to think about some big questions about faith and life. At the end of each session there is also the chance to quiz the speaker with any questions you have.

All talks take place:
Wednesdays 1.05 pm at St Peter’s Barge
Thursdays 12.15 pm at the Idea Store Canary Wharf
Thursdays 1.15 pm at St Peter’s Barge

15+16 July
Will heaven really be any good? Phil Vance, John 14:1-3

22+23 July
Can we love the Old Testament God? Charlie Skrine, Psalm 103

29+30 July
Does sin actually matter? Jeremy Hobson, Genesis 3:1-24

5+6 August
Is following Jesus really worth the cost? Jamie Child, Luke 9:18-27

12+13 August
Isn’t Christianity irrelevant and outdated? Wes Illingsworth, Acts 28:30-31

19+20 August
Will I ever have enough time? Richard Bray, Psalm 90

26+27 August
If Christianity is true, why don’t more believe? Aneirin Glyn, John 10:22-30

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