Sunday Service


For as long as we are not able to meet physically for church, the Sunday service will be pre-recorded and streamed at 11.00am on the Barge YouTube account which you can find here. Do click on this link now and subscribe to the channel. Then you will get notification of any videos and services as they are uploaded. For the service sheet for Sun August 9 click here.

Zoom Q&A:

Growth Groups

Growth Groups provide an opportunity for Christians to study the Bible, pray and get to know others in a smaller group. They offer a level of support, encouragement, friendship and accountability that is hard to achieve in the larger gathering of the main Sunday  meeting.
Growth Groups meet on Wednesday evenings on the Barge from 7.30-9.00pm. If you would like to join a group, please complete a Response Card at the Barge, or contact one of the staff team. There is also a Thursday morning Growth Group for women at 10 am on the Barge. And there are Sunday options for those who can’t make any of the other days.