Sunday Service

ONLINE at 11.00 am

ON THE BARGE at 11.00 am

From March 14th physical services will be taking place on the Barge. For further details, and to book a place (pre-booking is required for each service), please see here. The deadline for registering is 12:00 noon every Friday.

There will continue to be online provision in the form of a Livestream of the 11.00am service on the Barge YouTube channel which you can find here. Do click on this link now and subscribe to the channel. Then you will get a notification of any videos and services as they are uploaded.

The service sheet for Sunday 11th April can be found here.

To ask questions: #6697

Zoom Meeting ID: 858 6551 9614| Passcode: 576459

Children are welcome, but sadly we are unable to provide Sunday School or Creche on the Barge. Sunday School will be continuing at the usual times on Zoom before 11:00.

For those attending, please read the information below. It is vital that you read this carefully. For example, you cannot just turn up – you need to have pre-registered.

  • Please pre-register to attend by filling in this form. If you are a household you can fill in just one form, listing all those from the household who will be attending. This is a government recommendation, but also helps ensure everyone attending is to the best of their knowledge fit and able to attend.  The deadline for registering is 12:00 noon every Friday.
  • Please bring a face-covering unless you come under the exemptions mentioned here. Face coverings must be worn throughout your time at the Barge.
  • Please bring your own notebook and pen if you want to take notes! Bibles will be provided under each chair. They will be quarantined after the service as per guildline from Church of England. Service sheets will be available, left on a table for you to help yourself, but if you prefer to print off the service sheet at home (or access it on your phone) please do.
  • Please plan your travel following TfL guidelines
  • If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, please do not attend

On arrival

  • Please aim to arrive in good time, so that we don’t have a queue just before the service starts. The Barge will be open half an hour before the service start-time. Entry will be through the normal main door. On entry please use hand sanitiser (bring your own if at all possible). A one-way system is in place.
  • If you do need to queue outside the Barge, please maintain a distance of 2 metres
  • A QR code will be on the wall. Please scan it with your phone, if you are happy to give your details. This is for the government test and trace system.
  • On arrival please go directly to your seats, as there is no space for people to informally gather once they’ve entered the building. We need to fill up from the front, at the far end (the screen end), so that you don’t have to walk past others who are already seated. Once seated please do not move around the Barge, except to go to the toilet. If you need help for any reason, please indicate to a Steward and they will come to you.
  • Chairs are set out in twos. Please only sit two of you together if you are from the same household or bubble, and please do not move any seats.
  • You must only interact/converse with those in your household or bubble when inside or outside the Barge. Children are included in these group numbers.


  • The toilets can be used, but just one person at a time and no queuing in the corridor.
  • Sadly singing is not allowed, so during songs please reflect on the words being sung on screen – and sing in your heart and mind! Or you can speak the words tunefully and quietly as long as you don’t project!


  • those on the Barge will exit through the kitchen. A one-way system is in use. Please exit one row at a time from the screen end, and when you leave please head straight up the pontoon onto the quayside.
  • you can mix in groups of up to six people outside the Barge, but inside it is still only with those from your household or bubble.

If you have any questions or concerns before attending, please do not hesitate to ask a Staff Member.

More information on the teaching programme this term can be found in the termcard (Jan – Apr 2021). Other church updates are also published in our Facebook groupSt Peter’s Barge.

Growth Groups

Growth Groups provide an opportunity for Christians to study the Bible, pray, and get to know others in a smaller group. They offer a level of support, encouragement, friendship, and accountability that is hard to achieve in the larger gathering of the main Sunday meeting. Growth Groups meet on Wednesday evenings online from 7.30-9.00pm. If you would like to join a group, please complete a Response Card here. There is also a Tuesday morning Growth Group for women at 10 am online. And there are Sunday options for those who can’t make any of the other days.