ON THE BARGE at 11.00 am

To continue to ensure the Barge is a safe place to meet, please note:

1) If you have COVID or any symptoms of COVID, please do not attend.

2) Mask-wearing is no longer a legal requirement in the church. But do feel free to wear it if you prefer to do so.

3) Although it is no longer an option to reserve a socially-distanced seat, feel free to sit away from others at the back if there is space to do so.

4) We will continue to keep the Barge well-ventilated before and during the service.

5) The QR code (for the government test and trace system) will continue to be displayed. Do scan it with your phone, if you are happy to give your details.

6) For the parents of Sunday School children, please take your child(ren) to the Museum BEFORE the service. And collect them as soon as the service finishes.

7) We will continue to upload the sermon (audio to the website, and video to YouTube) in the days following.

If you have any questions or concerns before attending, please do not hesitate to ask a Staff Member.

More information on the teaching programme this term can be found in the termcard (Jan-Apr 2022). Other church updates are also published in our Facebook groupSt Peter’s Barge.