Sermons by Matt Dew-Jones (Page 14)

I’m glad you asked: What’s wrong with pick and mix religion?

Exodus 32 How would you complete this sentence – ‘I like to think God is…’? Whether it’s our time, our money or our priorities, it’s tempting to reshape God until he’s exactly what we want him to be. But do we actually have the authority to make those kind of decisions? Listen in as God’s people try and do just this as they build the golden calf.

Prepare to Share: Why would Christians share their faith?

Why would Christians share their faith? A week after the vote, we know sometime soon a 2 year countdown to Brexit will begin. Simply knowing the countdown is coming sends us scurrying into action. Christians live knowing a greater, more important countdown has already started- the countdown to Jesus’ return. Listen in as we think about 7 reasons Christians will share their faith and 7 ways they might prepare to share.

Knowing God: Can I trust God when it’s tough? (Lunchtime)

Exodus 15:22-17:7 We live in one of the most prosperous societies there has ever been, yet it is still full of grumbling. If society’s promises let us down, will it be the same with God? Do we have to grumble at God’s failure to provide or have we got good reason to trust him to work all things for our good. Listen in as we look at Israel’s experience in the desert.