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Work Matters

The Average person will spend a third of their adult life at work, in the Wharf it is likely to be more, as Christians there can sometimes be a disconnect between what happens on a Sunday morning at church and the rest of the week – Why does our work matter to God? Why does God matter to our work?

In the beginning: 3 of 3: What is man?

GENESIS 1:24-27 What is a human being? Just a few chemicals in a bag of skin? Just a higher functioning mammal? And what are we here for? What’s the point? Is there one? These questions about our identity and purpose are important ones. We find the answers as we turn back to the dawn of human history and the first chapter of Genesis.

Why I can‭’‬t believe:‭ ‬How can we know whether God exists‭?

Romans‭ ‬1:18-23‭ ‬Stephen Fry recently launched an anti-God tirade on an Irish TV show and got‭ ‬2‭ ‬million youtube viewings even before the program was aired.‭ ‬Russell Brand replied with a clip entitled‭ “‬Is there a God‭? ‬Yes,‭ ‬and Stephen Fry‭ ‬proves it.‭”‬ What these men have in common is that they both understand the huge significance of this question of God‭’‬s existence for every one of us.‭ ‬Listen in as we consider how we can find real answers to this vital issue.