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Easter Sunday – how Easter brings us hope

1 Peter 1:3 Many during the pandemic have felt an increasing sense of hopelessness. But even before then there has been a growing crisis of hope in society, with people no longer believing in a better world for their children – because of tribalism and division, climate change, the rise of religious extremism. Where can we find hope? To have hope for the future we need to turn to the past – to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, through which we are born again to a living hope.

Easter Unwrapped

Easter Unwrapped Servant Leadership is a concept that does the rounds in secular management books. But what does it mean and what does it look like in practice? Listen in as we see Jesus wash his disciples’ feet, and how that defines servant leadership and unwraps the whole meaning of Easter.

Christmas 2015

Luke 2:22-39 In 2013 the 77-year-long wait for a British Wimbledon men’s champion came to an end, and joy and relief swept the country. Now that Jesus has come, the centuries-long wait for the Saviour is over. It’s party-time for our world!