"Joy" Tagged Sermons

Building a People: Built on Joyful Celebration

Nehemiah 12:27-47 The people of God come together to celebrate the walls completion, and to commit to the people building. The repopulation of the city (11–12:26) means that the people of God are finally in the place of God, trusting the promises of God. Their joyful celebration reflects this. This chapter sets us up with a picture of celebration which helps us to look forward to the ultimate celebration

Building a People: Look to God for your needs

There may be times in the Christian life that we feel we may tension between our need to fully rely on God, and our need to obey his word. How do we follow his will for our life while also depending upon him and trusting that he will provide for us? This was something that the people of God in Nehemiah’s day had to learn, and something each one of us needs to also.